Star edit

Star Prope

Star Prope was a tribute from District 1 during the 1st Alliance Games. She placed 6th in the Games.


Star was paired with Kallum Brigetfrom District 13 during the Games. She received a training score of 9, one of the higher scores. During training, when the episode of fainting tributes happened, Star was unaffected.

In the interviews, Star said she was glad about being paired with Kallum, and being in the Games was overwhelming, but she was ready. Her interview was ranked 5th.

For Star's performance, she chose to do some gymnastics and acrobatics. She put on a good show but was not ranked in the top 5.

During the GamesEdit

Star got the first kill of the Alliance Games, shooting Gunner Pann in the head with her arrows. Her first alliance was comprised of Cholo Werdair and Karen Moriharu, but on Day 4, they separate, and Star drags Kallum off with Cholo. They met up with Henna Morasca, Finn Dylan, Olivia Bridge, James Grant and Lexi Poisonsong and formed an alliance. On day 5, the alliance splits up after receiving a message from Johnny Grey and try to recruit fighters to kill him. At the start of Day 6, the large alliance attacks Johnny. Kallum gets an arrow in the head, killing him, and Star cries over his death. On the morning of day 7, Star is approached by Cedar Chase and engages in battle, only to be stabbed in the back by Pamline Falcon.

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