Gary Richman was District 3 Male Tribute for the First Alliance Games.

Hunger GamesEdit

Gray was reapped along with Ella for the First Alliance Games. He was partnered with Cedar from District 7. This year before the Games started, the Tributes were requiared to preform in a Talent Show. Gray did a dance but he didn't make it in the top five. During the Hunger Games, both Gary and Cedar survived the Bloodbath and did alright for the first half of the Game. On Day 6, thre remaining Tributes join forced to kill Johnny but disbanded afterwords. Henna turned on Gary and killed him leaving Cedar to win the Games along side her.


Name: Gary Richman

Age: 13

District: District 3

Appearance: Brown hair and hazel eyes

Weapons: maces/knives/slingshot

Strenghts: fast and stealthy

Weaknesses: can't swim and not too trusting

Token: None

Score: 6

Creator: District 33

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