Ella Flashman was District 3 Female Tribute for the First Alliance Games.


Name: Ella Flashman

Age: 17

District: 3

Gender: Female

Weapons: Knives and slingshot

Strenghts: Building things with spare parts, extremely intellegent, maybe a little too smart for her own good and good aim with knives or a slingshot.

Weaknesses: She’s not very strong, gets tired easily because she is sick and she is constantly nervous and shivering.

Token: Radio Collar

Pantner: Luke Torres

Creator: Aniju Aura


  • Ella was named after a female meerkat born in the Whiskers Mob and even became the dominant female.
  • Ella, the meerkat, played Sophie on Meerkat Manor season 4 while her son Marico played Flashman giving Ella her last name.

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